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Our Story

Tiff and Tom met when they were in grade school, but they definitely were not childhood sweethearts!

In school Tom thought Tiff was lovely and sweet, but too quiet.

Tiff thought Tom was gross and way too into Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!,

Fast forward a few years later after different colleges, a deployment and a few relationships...until one night in 2013 when these two ran into each other at the check-out line at Target. And so began their greatest love story!  

Now the two are best friends who enjoy laughing at each others silly jokes, exploring the great outdoors and sailing.

After a four year courtship, they're ready to cast off their bowlines and set sail on their greatest adventure yet!


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Date & Time
Oct 21, 2017, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Wedding Venue
Admiral Kidd, Point Loma Naval Base,
33050 Mc Donough Rd, San Diego, CA 92136, USA

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Tiff and Tom are registered at Crate and Barrel.

However monetary gifts are also appreciated.

Thank you for thinking of them!