Meet the Bridal Party

I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing network of strong, smart and beautiful women. I feel truly blessed to have these ladies in my life. Check out their brief bios and get to know our awesome bridal party.

Lisa Griffin is my bff for lyfe since 6th grade and will be my maid of honor. I’ve known Lis, since we were in kindergarten, when we used to chase boys down and make them bow to us. She lives in Auburn, AL now with her handsome husband Chris and their beautiful little girl Sarah Grace.

Krystal Kimberly Tsoi is just the coolest cousin around. We’ve seen it all together and her compassion and love never cease to amaze me. She just got an awesome job that’s a total game changer and I’m so stoked and proud of her!

Colleen Lam is literally the nicest, sweetest, and kindest person you’ll ever meet. She’s my brother’s girlfriend and is totally part of the family. She’s the mother to a rabbit, a cat, and several turtles.

Erica Oh-De La Cruz is my gorgeous and “oh” so smart friend from Carlsbad. Erica was the first person who really made an effort to become my friend at HD Supply. She’s so sweet and encouraging – a total Beyoncé in her own right. She’s the mother of the most adorable and handsome little boy, Stephen Drake, who will be our ring bearer.

Erica also introduced me to Sara Ha “who is wise beyond her years” (and I totally agree!) Sara is #girlboss #goals and makes me laugh whenever we hang out. She is uplifting, kind and all around awesome-ness.

#Friends #Wedding

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